Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles requested our help to update their brand by developing a new primary mark, logotype, and uniform design. It was an incredible opportunity to work on a team steeped in so much history and that has such an avid fan base. We first adjusted the primary mark by shifting the head of the Eagle in an attempt to create more of a connection between the viewer and the subject. We used its eyes, said to be a window to the soul, to highlight the club’s intensity and drive. We then simplified the logotype and picked up some of the personality of the primary mark in order to bring the two together more closely. The wing on the helmet stayed true to what an Eagles wing has looked like, so that there is no mistaking it for any other bird. The uniform design was simplified while bringing in the toughness of the heather pattern, inspired by the team’s hardworking, blue-collar fans. Befitting the spirit of the City of Brother Love, it was an All Business and No BS approach.

Scott Faries //